Who Knew Pete Holmes Was so Profound?

Today I made the Salty Buckwheat Chocolate Chunk Cookies from Bon Appétit. This particular batch has a nice origin story. It begins with a no-contact flour exchange with my friend Allison (she with the buckwheat flour, me with the coconut flour), and ends with a delectable plate of cookies that I will eat all by myself. In between the flour exchange and the actual cookies, there was a run to the grocery store when I realized I was out of butter after I’d already portioned out the dry ingredients, and then realizing after I’d returned from the store that I did not, in fact, have brown sugar. So I just replaced the brown sugar with more granulated sugar because two grocery store runs in an hour in normal times is ridiculous, let alone during a pandemic. It’s probably better to use brown sugar. I also didn’t have baking chocolate, so I used chocolate chips. They still turned out tasty, but don’t be like me. Be prepared. Follow the recipe. Here it is.

In other news, I listened to a podcast over the last couple days that blew my mind, partly because of the truth spittin’ and partly because of who was spittin’ said truth. The Good Life Project has become a favorite podcast of mine the past few months. Especially as things are feeling a little hectic, I’ve been gravitating towards this feel-good pod a lot more. I don’t want to minimize it to just a feel-good podcast, though. The host, Jonathan Fields, is a great interviewer and asks really thought-provoking questions, typically inciting equally thought-provoking answers. There are a lot of episodes I’d recommend, but today I finished the one with Pete Holmes, “On Comedy, God, Power, and Life,” and am still thinking about it. Sent some rambling texts to my friend Rachel about it. I’ve always liked his comedy and had no idea that he was so interested in and educated on things like philosophy and mysticism and religion. Hearing him speak about such profound things with such speed and ease really threw me. Highly recommend.

Today my friend Papa sent me a song by Tei Shi and I will be listening to it for next 6 days straight probably. Maybe you’ll like it, too.

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